This camp is an extensive 8-week education and training program, for youth (8-15 yrs),  in performing and media arts. The camp offers classes in dance, theater, visual arts, choir, African instrument orchestra, arts & crafts, fun & fitness, recording/video studio production, and recreation. There is a showcase finale at the end.

This year’s camp, which is geared toward arts/exploration and recreation, promises to be a dynamic, fun-filled, and educational experience.

2018 Camp Arts will be held at TEC’s new location: The Community Forge Building, located at 1256 Franklin Ave in Wilkinsburg. This new location gives us the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of arts organizations, and to provide our students with new and improved training programs that expose them to STEM projects, cutting-edge technologies, steel-drumming, gardening, and much more. Our recreation component that include sports, indoor/outdoor game challenges, introduction to cheerleading, gymnastics, and fun & fitness.



Theater classes emphasize both theater and life skills such as self-expression, team-work and creativity. Children learn basic skills, such as movement, voice projection, character creation, acting, pantomiming, costume and set design. This program will utilize structured theater improvisations to address youth decision-making, impulse control and conflict resolution skills. Students will learn stage directions, acting, monologue delivery, character development, theatrical makeup and the basics of technical theater.


The dance program is designed to introduce young performers to the global community through a variety of dance forms. We will offer exposure in several styles including; African, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Ballet. Dance sessions include a warm-up focusing on strength, as well as stretching, isolation exercises and breath control. This is followed by choreography highlighting basic movements and dance techniques.


( Choir) Students are taught the fundamentals of singing. All sessions begin with a vocal warm-up, including instruction on scales, pitch, harmony, enunciation and proper breathing techniques.(Instruments) - Student are introduced to African instruments while developing musicianship skills and knowledge of various musical styles and instrumental practices. The instrumentation will initially consist of atɛntɛbɛn flutes, djembe drums, Mandinka koras , kalimba gourd thumb pianos and African balafons.


Youth are provided an inside glimpse into the inner workings of the business end of the entertainment industry as well as studio production. They will have the opportunity to create a mock record label, assuming all the roles, including artist, producer and engineer. Students will be exposed to the processes involved in songwriting, beat-making, publishing and distribution. Students will create a recording in CD format upon completion.  

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Youth and teens will be immersed in a hands-on curriculum that will guide them through every step in the professional video production process from creating a storyboard, camera operation, lighting, audio, location/studio shoots, directing and editing. Students will create a video upon completion.


Here is a  combination of digital imaging, photography, drawing, painting and other art mediums. These activities enhance creativity, motor skills, self expression, concentration, social interaction, and feelings of satisfaction and pride that comes from task completion.


This class focuses on developing healthy living habits, combining exercise routines and nutrition education. Students will prepare well balanced snacks.


Intro to Cheerleading

Intro to Gymnastics


Steel Drumming


Creative Writing

Private Lessons