Dance Program

Our Dance Program provides education, training, and performance opportunities for youth and adults in a variety of dance styles. Our dance staff includes professional performers from America and several African and Caribbean countries. The dance program aims to educate youth and adults about the social and cultural contexts of various dance genres as well as a broad range of dance techniques. Performance opportunities allow students to help develop an appreciation in the wider community for the various dance styles that have emerged within communities in Africa and the African Diaspora.

This a high impact dance program combining African, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Interpretive, and Latin dance forms. Students are taught full length choreographed routines. The breakdown of all dance sessions include a warm-up focusing on strength, barre work, stretch, isolations and breathing. This is followed by a variety of movements, dance combinations and choreography highlighting basic grooves and techniques of various dance forms.

Our Dance Program includes the following performance company:

Angel Wings Dance Ensemble - Presents a variety of dance performances that engage multiple genres, including jazz, ballet, Interpretive, African and modern. Annual productions feature unique and original creative works by resident choreographers and dance professionals.