We offer instruction in a wide range of topics and disciplines from the traditional arts of painting, pottery, and music to more contemporary topics hinged to creative problem-solving, design challenges, and current culturally relevant subjects. Our staff design and implement curriculum focusing on multidisciplinary arts practices that give students a concrete means to conceptually master artistic content. Students work independently and collaboratively to become self-directed learners.

This component includes the exploration, development and expression of ideas using visual art materials, forms and styles. In order for a project to be creative, the student must be actively engaged in a thinking process. The student will learn where ideas come from and how ideas can be developed and transformed through visual art experiences. Reflection is an essential part of the creative process and allows the students to evaluate their own growth in their creative endeavors.

In this course, students experience visual art as artists and audience. As artists, they can use the processes and materials of visual art to explore their own ideas, experiences, feelings, cultural identities, observations and imaginations. As audience, they can see how artists have expressed their ideas about the world and their place in it.

Students construct knowledge and meaning while creating art. They are exposed to a variety of art concepts in short whole-group instruction. They are encouraged to try something new every week or continue working on one piece. Options may include digital arts, ceramics, drawing, metals, 2-D mixed media, sculpture, fibers, etc. Students who want to learn need only bring their "interest" and we will supply inspiration and quality instruction